Eight Birds

Symmetry of the two birds on the first and third posts of the anicut caught my eye. I had to drive for thirty minutes along a muddy track off the main road to reach this dam which is 1,175 feet long as per the sign board there, and the reservoir stores around 100.37 mn. cubic metres of water. It was an hour after midday, with harsh light reflecting from the water in the tank. Reservoir was almost full due to heavy rains during the previous few days.

I had a close look at the image after many years and noticed that there are six more birds in the picture. Although one of them sitting on the horizontal bar close to the centre of the image was not difficult to see, all five others are quite hidden. Have a closer look.

Eight Birds
Eight Birds













Test your observation skills. You may be able to find two more birds; but they are barely visible.

Rajanganaya, North Central Province, Sri Lanka, December 2005
Fuji FinePix S5500 | 46mm | 1/170sec | F9 | ISO100

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