Young Drummer, Koneswarm , Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

I was staying at a 10 minute driving distance to Koneswaram Kovil in Trincomalee, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. Kovil is located on top of the Koneswaram hill, inside the Dutch Fort of Trincomalee.
Fort houses an army detachment, but you are allowed to take your vehicle up the hill, to the car park located about 500m from the Kovil. Early morning Pooja at the Kovil starts around 6.00 am, and I left around 5.45 and reached the Kovil around 6.15 am along with the first few devotees.

This young drummer attracted me due to his dedication to what he does, turning his head according to the side of the drum he plays, head turns left when he plays left side of the drum, and so on. He was performing alone, nevertheless was playing a key part of the pooja traditions.

Photographs are not not allowed inside the Kovil, but I could see him reasonably well from a side entrance. So I waited slightly away from the entrance to allow people in. An opportunity came after waiting a good 10 minutes, and there was no one was between me, entrance and drummer inside the Kovil.

As inside the Kovil was only dimly lit, ISO had to be increased while shutter speed was as low as 100. Original image was taken in colour, and RAW processing was done in Canon Digital Photo Professional. Exposure, Noise reduction and Levels were heavily adjusted, but still the colour image contained so much noise which was a distracting factor. Thereafter, image was converted to monochrome in Photoshop and high key areas to the left of the drummer were slightly burned so that viewer’s eyes are well focused on the main subject.

Despite high noise, the end result conveys a story with a combination of his attire, sitting posture, good facial expressions, and his dedication to the art of playing the instrument. Size and details of the drum further enhances the story.

Koneswarm Kovil, Trincomalee, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, September 2010 |Canon EOS 50D | Canon EF 28-135 IS USM at 90mm| Shutter-Priority AE|Hand held at 1/100 sec, available light|
f 5.6| ISO 1600| RAW

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